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Quality Education

The AES model emphasizes creativity and self-expression, while providing a structured learning environment for students. We offer a full range of enrichment and extended-day programs, including before and after school, lunchtime, recess, and summer camps. AES provides clients with the best in experiential, educational, and exciting learning opportunities.

Turnkey Experience

AES is committed to providing the best environment possible for students, and maintaining successful and positive relationships with our clients, parents, and communities. AES handles all aspects of a program, including coordination and schedule creation, a complete marketing solution, industry-leading registration and payment for parents, staffing and hiring of instructors, parent communication and notification, handling of concerns, and execution of the programs themselves. This allows school staff to focus on the school day, rather than managing after school programs.

Rewarding Classroom Environment

The goal of AES is to provide fun and engaging after school programs that encourage students to learn in a constructive, safe environment. Our instructors create a welcoming atmosphere by being friendly, patient, and approachable. Instructors are trained to handle classroom management from a positive perspective, employing positive feedback to encourage students and promote appropriate classroom behavior. Respect, honor, integrity, and collaboration are important parts of the AES classroom, and respect of classmates, teachers, and materials is consistently reinforced.