Afterschool Enrichment Solutions was founded in 2001 in the Chicago area and is dedicated to providing after school enrichment programs to children nationwide. AES has been featured in the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald. We provide chess, guitar, Spanish and drama programs, etc. at over three hundred schools and community centers in the Chicago and Milwaukee metropolitan areas. Over 22,000 children attended our programs during the 2014-15 school year.

We take pride in using the best instructors, who are not only very talented, but are also experienced and dedicated teachers. We provide our instructors with a curriculum and training to ensure our students’ fastest growth as well as their enjoyment of our after school activities. In addition, our instructors are trained in handling safety procedures such as attendance and dismissal.

At Afterschool Enrichment Solutions, we provide after school programs that are turnkey and efficient. We carry liability insurance, provide all the equipment, handle registrations, and provide the advertising materials (flyers). All our instructors undergo a rigorous background check and training. In particular, the instructors are trained to be self-sufficient and not to expect or need any support from the school administration or volunteers.

Our programs provide the opportunity for children to learn chess, music, Spanish and drama and improve their academic performance. Research shows having a variety of after school programs can result in higher test scores for students and enhance students’ social skills. With our after school programs, the students can enjoy learning and continue their academic growth.

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